Woodgrain Colour Range

All Knotwood colours have been rigorously tested to withstand the most extreme environments providing a durable alternative to wood, composite and vinyl. Knotwood woodgrain can be used in many applications such as fences, privacy screens, gates, decking, cladding, siding, battens, shutters, balustrades, soffits and fascia infill, windows, doors, louvres, slats, shutters, outdoor furniture, shop fitting, windows garage doors and more. Knotwood boasts the low maintenance and high durability qualities of aluminium, in addition to the natural beauty and warm textured feel of wood. Put your mind at ease knowing that Knotwood is the highest quality wood grain finish available. Please be aware that Knotwood contains natural colour variation consistent with that of real wood. Please note that the colours provided are a guide only and have been matched as closely as possible to Knotwood's production standards under daylight conditions. As we have no control over the resolution and screens that the colours are viewed on, some degree of colour variation may occur. Where more than one finish is available, product colour may vary. We recommend that you use production line prepared samples for final colour selection or approval.

White Base

  1. Aspen
  2. Ash
  3. Zebrano
  4. Drift Wood
    Drift Wood
  5. Black Ash
    Black Ash
  6. Beach Wood
    Beach Wood

Yellow Base

  1. Blackbutt
  2. Atlantic Cedar
    Atlantic Cedar
  3. Hickory
  4. Iroko
  5. Knotty Pine
    Knotty Pine
  6. Light Oak
    Light Oak
  7. Maple
  8. Tassie Oak
    Tassie Oak

Orange Base

  1. Australian Cedar
    Australian Cedar
  2. Iron Bark
    Iron Bark
  3. Merbau
  4. Tiger Wood
    Tiger Wood
  5. Red Gum
    Red Gum

Light Brown Base

  1. Bush Cherry
    Bush Cherry
  2. Elm
  3. Kwila
  4. Western Red Cedar
    Western Red Cedar
  5. Teak Brown
    Teak Brown

Dark Brown Base

  1. Olive Tree
    Olive Tree
  2. Wenge
  3. Black Walnut
    Black Walnut

Red Base

  1. Jarrah
  2. Sydney Blue Gum
    Sydney Blue Gum
  3. Rose Mahogany
    Rose Mahogany